Ozzy Osbourne released his 2nd LP, "Diary of a Madman" on Nov. 7, 1981…

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Ozzy Osbourne released his 2nd LP, "Diary of a Madman" on Nov. 7, 1981. As alway, the critics had varied opinions of the record.

The guitar work of Randy Rhoads received a lot of praise.

Steve Huey of AllMusic stated that "it's not uncommon to find fans who prefer Diary to Blizzard, since it sets an even more mystical, eerie mood, and since Rhoads' playing is progressing to an even higher level". BBC Music referred to the album as "a classic rock record in every way", "lifted out of the ordinary by the legendary rock axe god, Randy Rhoads". Canadian journalist Martin Popoff called Diary of a Madman "a lasting classic that stands as the definitive showcase for Randy Rhoads." Then there was Rolling Stone. Their writer, J. D. Considine, was less than enthused however, writing in 1981 that "the songs here are little more than riffs with a vocal line pasted on top" and referring to Rhoads as "a junior-league Eddie Van Halen – bustling with chops but somewhat short on imagination".

….junior league….short on imagination…. wow.

Happy 37th Birthday to "Diary of a Madman"!!!!

RIP Randy Rhoads.

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