Styx released their 4th LP titled "Man of Miracles" on Nov. 8th of 197…

Written by on November 8, 2018

Styx released their 4th LP titled "Man of Miracles" on Nov. 8th of 1974. It would be the band's last original album on the independent Chicago-based label Wooden Nickel Records before moving to the major label A&M.

The original issue contained "Best Thing," a re-release from the Styx album (their first LP), as the opening track on side two. A second release of Man of Miracles substituted the song "Lies," originally recorded by The Knickerbockers in 1966. The album was reissued in 1980 with new artwork and a newly abbreviated title, Miracles. This version started the second side with "Unfinished Song."

Wooden Nickel had been a good staring point for the band, but the label really didn't have the resources (or a Jim Cahill) to promote the album or the band. At the time of this records release, the members of the band were very proud of it. Their opinion did change later on in their career, but honestly, they needed to make this record to keep moving forward.

How many of you were familiar with Styx back in 1974? Please keep in mind their big break through LP "Grand Illusion" wasn't released until July of 1977?

Happy 44th Birthday to Styx' "Man of Miracles"!!

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