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Written by on February 29, 2020

28th February 1983, U2 released their third studio album War. Produced by Steve Lillywhite, the album has come to be regarded as U2's first overtly political album, in part because of songs like 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' and 'New Year's Day.' War became the band's first No.1 album in the UK (knocking Michael Jackson's Thriller from the top of the charts). The boy on the cover of the album is Peter Rowen (the brother of Bono's friend, Guggi from The Virgin Prunes). https://www.thisdayinmusic.com/artists/u2/

U2 – 25 Facts And Bits Of Nonsense | ThisDayInMusic

Larry Mullen, Jr., then a 14-year-old student at Mount Temple Comprehensive School, posted a note on the school's notice board in search of musicians for a new band—six people responded. U2 have released 13 studio albums

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