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Written by on June 15, 2020

Here's David Bowie really sticking it to MTV over the lack of black musicians featured prominently on it's channel around two years after it launched. In a 1983 interview about the release of his upcoming album 'Let's Dance', Bowie asked if he could ask some 'punishing questions' of MTV host, Mark Goodman, after the music interview had finished.
He went on to 'forensically' take apart MTV's lack of videos featuring black musicians.

The cameraman takes an extereme close up of Bowie (about 4.35 in) and catches a remarkable shot of Bowie's face as he responds to the question of whether or not he thinks the justifications are valid points. Bowie's response, "I understand your point of view" whilst his expression makes it clear he does not agree.

As the official interview ends, the discussion continues with the MTV host and his producer off camera trying unsuccessfully to justify their stance as it being important to cater for what their audiences would tolerate. The camera keeps rolling as Bowie says, "Well let's face it, somebody laid down the ground rules in the beginning You know, there should be no reason why it has to change… It should have been there in the beginning"

Goodman's response, "Is the tape off?" says it all.

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