David Plastik, His Shitty Copyright Trolls and a pic of Bruce Springsteen’s albums.

Written by on June 3, 2021

So apparently some bald headed loser named David Plastik hired some really, really shitty copyright trolls to scan the internet and harass people who may have seen, shared or posted his little pictures all of which for what we see are watermarked. Then they use their automatic systems to try to find his pictures on the internet by the headline of the story or the link name and send out harassing emails to website owners.

Problem here is this losers pictures have never been on our website. The image that stored from the Ultimate Classic Rock article are those of Bruce Springsteen album covers and was stored when the article posted. This mans images were never used then or now and the date stamp of the original picture confirm it. The article is also half a year old showing how pathetically desperate Pixsy is in being copyright trolls.

Hey, Mr. Plastik… SUCK OUR DICKS you bald headed fuck and shove your copyright trolls up your ass. What an asshole.

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