TRIUMPH’s Long-Awaited Documentary To Be Released This Fall

Written by on July 11, 2021

TRIUMPH drummer Gil Moore spoke to Dr. Music about about the forthcoming first-ever feature documentary about the band’s dramatic career. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It’ll be [out in Canada] this fall. Will it come out in [the rest of North] America at the same time? I’m not sure. Canada, it’ll be fourth quarter this year, for sure. If it’s simultaneous in America, then it’ll be the same time. And if not, my guess would be first quarter of 2022.”

As for which platform the documentary will land on for its U.S. release, Moore said: “That’s to be determined. In Canada, it’s on free TV — on Bell Media, which is the biggest television network in Canada. So it’ll be on free TV. I’m not sure how many broadcasts — whether they’ll play it once, twice or three or four times — I’m not sure about that. And then the Canadian, I guess, equivalent of Netflix, which is Crave, which is also Bell Media — it’ll be on Crave in Canada. Whether it’ll do a theater run or not remains to be seen. And what the launch platforms in America and international remain to be seen.”

He added: “I think typically what they do is when it hits the film festival, which we’re hoping to get that confirmed shortly, that’s when I think a lot of those decisions get made, is once it’s presented at a festival.”

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