A note to the folks who follow this page:I’m completely knocked out that I hav…

Written by on September 11, 2021

A note to the folks who follow this page:

I’m completely knocked out that I have over 20,000 followers! I’m glad you like what I post every day, and it really is a labor of love! Thank you!

When I stated this page, I insisted that we keep negative comments off of it, and almost all of you have been great about it. Music is a very subjective thing; I post the music that I love because it’s my page. And fortunately, many of you seem to dig the same things I do. But lately, negative comments have been posted about various videos or groups, so I’ve removed them.

Why have I done this? First, it’s my page. Second, negativity brings us all down; you might hate a band, but it might be someone’s favorite! Why bring them down when it’s easy to just move on without commenting? Again, music is subjective and I post the stuff I love or find interesting. Don’t like what I post? Oh well, start your own page.

Negativity and insulting comments will be deleted. This is a Facebook page where we never have arguments and rarely have negativity. I want to keep it that way! I love the love that most people post on my page and I want to keep this as a hate free zone.

Thanks for following me! And thanks for playing nice.


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