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September 11, 1967: The Beach Boys released their 12th album, “Smiley Smile.” Unlike previous Beach Boys albums, the majority of the recording sessions for LP lasted for only six weeks at Brian Wilson’s makeshift home studio, and featured only the group, and not session musicians. While it would peak at #9 on the UK charts, it would not be a success in the US; it peaked at #41 on the Billboard chart.

One single would be released from the album, “Good Vibrations.” Unlike the album, the making of “Good Vibrations” was unprecedented for any kind of recording. Over 90 hours of tape was consumed in the sessions, with the total cost of production estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Building upon his approach for the “Pet Sounds” album, Brian recorded a surplus of short, interchangeable musical fragments with his bandmates, and a host of session musicians, at four different Hollywood studios from February to September 1966. The single would go to #1 on the US and the UK charts.

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