A touching tribute to Scott Koenig who passed away today.I first met Scott Koe

Written by on October 8, 2021

A touching tribute to Scott Koenig who passed away today.

I first met Scott Koenig back in 1982, when he manned the cash register at Vinyl Mania Records on Carmine Street in Greenwich Village. I only knew him as “Scott,” no last name, and our conversations were very brief as I was a bit intimidated by him. I was a clueless 18 year-old college student from Staten Island and he was this seemingly older guy, who was way more worldly than me, who technically worked in the “music industry.” He sold me countless records there and also at his next gig at It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll on W. 8th St. off MacDougal (starting there in 1983 as far as I recall). Little did I know what a huge role he would one day play in my life.

I officially met Scott and learned his… More

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