NEW ° Fats Domino — Ain’t That A Shame [5K] (Stereo)

Written by on February 26, 2022

26 Feb 1928, born on this day, Fats Domino, (Antoine Domino), singer, pianist, bandleader, songwriter. Domino attracted national attention with his first recording, ‘The Fat Man’, made in late 1949 for Imperial Records, an early rock-and-roll record. ‘The Fat Man’ sold one million copies by 1953 and it is widely considered the first rock-and-roll record to achieve this feat. Domino had 35 records in the US Billboard Top 40. Domino died on 24 October 2017 aged 89 at his home in Harvey, Louisiana after a long-term illness.

NEW ° Fats Domino — Ain’t That A Shame [5K] (Stereo)

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