Watch: BRUCE DICKINSON Explains Why IRON MAIDEN Uses UFO’s ‘Doctor Doctor’ As Its Entrance Music At Every Concert

Written by on February 26, 2022

During the question-and-answer portion of his February 11 spoken-word show at The Vic Theatre in Chicago, Illinois, Bruce Dickinson was asked why IRON MAIDEN always uses UFO‘s “Doctor Doctor” as its “entrance music” at is concerts. He responded: “It has the added advantage that everybody knows we play ‘Doctor Doctor’ before we go on stage. So, before the intro tape, there’s five minutes of ‘Doctor Doctor’. It’s brilliant, so people go, ‘Oh, quick.’ Stop having a piss, drink the last pint, get to your seats. ‘Doctor Doctor’ is playing. They’ll be on in a minute. And for the road crew, it’s also brilliant. It’s, like, ‘Stop masturbating in the toilet. Wipe your ass.'”

Last year, MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris named “Love To Love”, from UFO‘s 1979 album “Strangers In The Night”, as one of the eight songs that changed his life. He explained to Metal Hammer magazine: “UFO have loads of great songs, and loads of great albums, but this version in particular, on ‘Strangers In The Night’, really struck a nerve with me. It’s the light and shade and the dynamic build-up which does it for me.

“I used to listen to ‘Strangers In The Night’ when I was driving the kids to school in the morning and it gets you fired up for the day.

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