CRAIG GOLDY Says VIVIAN CAMPBELL Must Have Done Something ‘Pretty Insulting’ To Get Himself Fired From DIO

Written by on May 4, 2022

Former DIO and DIO DISCIPLES guitarist Craig Goldy has weighed in on the way Vivian Campbell was fired from DIO, saying that Vivian must have done something “pretty insulting” to get himself kicked out of Ronnie James Dio‘s band.

RonnieVivian, drummer Vinny Appice and bassist Jimmy Bain collaborated on the first three DIO albums — 1983’s “Holy Diver”, 1984’s “The Last In Line” and 1985’s “Sacred Heart” — before Irishman Campbell left to join WHITESNAKE in 1987. Vivian later publicly took issue with Ronnie‘s need for total control of the band, claiming that finances played a major part in the bad blood that preceded his exit. Specifically, Campbell said that “it had become increasingly clear” to him that Ronnie‘s wife and manager Wendy “was determined to separate Ronnie from the band. She didn’t see DIO as one creative unit. Ronnie knew better, but I suspect that in an effort to win back Wendy‘s love” after the couple split, “he was willing to bend to her whims. Thus began the beginning of the end for the original DIO band.” He also said that Ronnie failed to deliver on his early promise that by the third DIO album “it would be an equity situation” between all the bandmembers.

Goldy discussed Campbell‘s split with DIO in a newly uploaded audio interview with Full In Bloom. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It made perfect sense why they all thought they were gonna get a piece of the pie. And I think Ronnie really meant it, because when you really think about it, what a great way to start. Here are Ronnie and Jimmy from RAINBOW and Ronnie and Vinny from BLACK SABBATH starting a band together with this kid that nobody knows about who’s fucking furious on guitar. And that first album just skyrocketed. So it’s not that Ronnie started a band with a bunch of nobodies. So it makes sense that he would say, ‘Hey, by the third album or so, we’ll make this more of an equal-share thing.’ Because it costs a lot of money for the buses and the bus drivers and the hotel rooms, the arenas and the lighting and the P.A. system. They were bringing their own lights and their P.A. system, an 18-foot fire-breathing dragon. That’s when things took a turn that I don’t think very many people understood was how much was actually spent. ‘Cause Ronnie and Wendy, I guess, had gone to Universal Studios and saw that Conan The Barbarian performance and it had this fire-breathing dragon in it. And [he went], ‘We should do that.’ It was his way of giving back to the fans so he didn’t hike up ticket prices but there was a lot of money being spent. I think that was the time when the band was expecting to get an equal share, but it was so expensive to do that.”
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