SCORPIONS Guitarist MATTHIAS JABS On Drummer MIKKEY DEE: ‘The Chemistry Is Wonderful’

Written by on August 26, 2022

In a new interview with Goldmine magazine, SCORPIONS guitarist Matthias Jabs spoke about what it has been like for him and his longtime bandmates to work with drummer Mikkey Dee, best known for his work with MOTÖRHEAD and KING DIAMOND — on their latest album, “Rock Believer”, following the departure of James Kottak in 2016. He said: “With James, we usually recorded the modern way. He played last, because we had done all the arrangements and recordings to programmed drums, a programmed drum track. That was the way the Swedes [producers Mikael Nord Andersson and Martin Hansen] were working. You know, it saves time, it saves money: It’s one of those, fly the drummer in, he knows the complete arrangement because he could rehearse it and get ready, and the album is done in two days and that’s it. That’s that way of thinking. With Mikkey, we did it the other way around, playing live with the drummer there, the old-fashioned way, which brings in what the drummer has in terms of arrangement ideas. But first of all, Mikkey‘s a great drummer, plus he’s a very positive personality and he has a lot of energy, which you can hear on the album. But also that means you can play with him for six to eight hours and he doesn’t get tired. He’s one of those powerhouses. Of course, we know him from MOTÖRHEAD, but he’s smart enough and a musician enough to know that when he plays for the SCORPIONS, he knows what to play and what not to play. We’ve played together now since 2016, like countless concerts, and he’s really great; he fits right in. The chemistry is wonderful and yeah, you know, a very fun guy, too.”

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