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10 May 1969, Led Zeppelin made their first appearance on the UK album chart when the band’s debut album charted at No. 6, going on to spend 71 weeks on the UK chart. It entered the US chart the following week at No. 10. Recorded in around 36 hours, the album is now considered one […]

Derek Scott speaks about his late sibling in ‘On the Brink – Bon Scott’ TV documentary: Bon Scott ‘Never Worried About Tomorrow,’ Brother Says Read the article at Ultimate Classic Rock:

10 May 1969, Frank Sinatra’s version of ‘My Way’ made the British Top ten for the first time. Over the next three years it re-entered the Top 50 singles chart on eight different occasions. Paul Anka re-wrote the original French song for Sinatra, after he told Anka he was quitting the music business. Anka changed […]

Radiohead had some goofy fun when it stitched together a few different song segments to make ‘OK Computer”s most epic, experimental track: Beatles and Hitchhikers Inspire Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’ Read the article at Ultimate Classic Rock:

Happy 62nd birthday to Irish singer-songwriter, Bono, from U2, born 10 May 1960, who had the 1984 UK No.3 single ‘Pride, In The Name Of Love’ plus over 25 other UK Top singles. Their 1987 UK and worldwide No.1 album The Joshua Tree spent 156 weeks on the UK chart. U2 are one of the […]

Happy birthday to Billy Joel, who turns 74 today: Top 10 Billy Joel Songs Read the article at Ultimate Classic Rock:

During a new interview with Jorge Botas of Portugal’s “Metal Global”, SCORPIONS singer Klaus Meine assured fans that there is no more talk of retirement, as there was back in 2010 with what was purported to be a final album and a farewell tour that never quite took hold. “No, we scratched that word [retirement] out of our [vocabulary],” he said (as […]

The Guess Who‘s “American Woman” topped the charts on this date in 1970: How the Guess Who Stumbled Into a No. 1 With ‘American Woman’ Read the article at Ultimate Classic Rock:

Fan-filmed video of Ace Frehley‘s April 29 performance at The Historic Everett Theatre in Everett, Washington can be seen below. Last November, Ace said that he had collaborated with his longtime friend Peppy Castro on “some heavy songs.” Peppy reportedly taught Frehley how to play guitar and previously collaborated with KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons as a songwriter and performed on Frehley‘s and KISS frontman Paul Stanley‘s solo records. In December 2020, Frehley told Talking […]

SCORPIONS performed a historic concert last night (Friday, May 6) at Madison Square Garden in New York City to celebrate Bangladesh’s 50 years of independence. The Golden Jubilee Bangladesh Concert featured as special guests one of Bangladesh’s most prominent artists, CHIRKUTT. Fan-filmed video of the SCORPIONS show can be seen below. The Bangladesh Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division […]

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