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August 12, 1968: John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant met each other for the first time for a rehearsal, getting together in a room below a record store on Gerrard Street in London. With The Yardbirds having recently fallen apart, Page was putting together a new band to fulfill a series […]

August 12, 1967: "Reflections" was released as a single by Diana Ross and The Supremes — the first time the group released a record under that new billing. It would the last single with Flo Ballard as a Supreme, who had been fired from the group in July. The first nationally televised performance of the […]

August 12, 1966: The Beatles begin what will be their final US tour with a concert at Chicago’s International Amphitheatre. The entire tour would be surrounded by controversy due to John's “more popular than Jesus” comment; death threats and boycotts follow the band wherever they go, while the Beatles themselves are tired of the mania […]

The Beatles during their last US tour; 1966 Read the full article at LOVE IT LOUD!

August 7, 1967: Columbia Records released “The Byrds Greatest Hits.” It would become the top-selling album in the Byrds’ catalogue and reached #6 on the Billboard charts. Read the full article at LOVE IT LOUD!

August 7, 1970: The Moody Blues released their sixth album, “A Question of Balance.” It would peak at #1 on the UK charts and go to #3 in the US. Read the full article at LOVE IT LOUD!

August 7, 1979: After releasing five singles and only one album, X-Ray Spex breaks up. Singer Poly Styrene would quit music and become a devotee of the Hare Krishna movement, while the other members of the band would form Classics Nouveaux and Agent Orange. Sadly, Poly Styrene would die from breast cancer in 2011 at […]

August 7, 1964: Time Magazine pannedThe Beatles’ first movie, “A Hard Day’s Night.” Among other things, the review says that the movie going public should “avoid this film at all costs.” Read the full article at LOVE IT LOUD!

August 7, 1970: The Goose Lake International Music Festival began in Jackson, Michigan. Approximately 200,000 were in attendance at the three day event, which included Rod Stewart & The Faces, Jethro Tull, Chicago, Bob Seger, Ten Years After, The Stooges, Mountain, The James Gang, the MC5, and The Flying Burrito Brothers. Alice Cooper and Joe […]

August 4, 1966: The Troggs have the #1 record in the UK with “With A Girl Like You.” It will be the band’s first and only single to top the UK charts. Read the full article at LOVE IT LOUD!

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