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September 17, 1950: Happy Birthday to Fee Waybill, lead singer for The Tubes! Read the full article at LOVE IT LOUD!

September 17, 1967: The Who appeared on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, where they performed "I Can See For Miles" and "My Generation." Unbeknownst to the rest of the band, drummer Keith Moon rigged his drum set to explode at the end of “My Generation”. He used WAY too much of the explosive; the resulting […]

September 14, 1974: Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s third album, “Not Fragile” entered the US charts; it will eventually go to the top, giving the group their one and only #1 album. Read the full article at LOVE IT LOUD!

September 14, 1963: The Beach Boys’ “Surfer Girl” (the first song Brian Wilson ever wrote) peaked at #7 on the Billboard Pop chart, giving the the band their second Top Ten single. It would achieve Gold Record status later in the year and also peak at #13 on the UK charts. Read the full article […]

September 14, 1968: Pete Townshend of The Who revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that the group’s next album would be a “rock opera” about a deaf, dumb and blind boy. This album would go on to become “Tommy”; it would be released in May 1969. Read the full article at LOVE IT […]

September 14, 1981: The Rolling Stones’ 16th album, “Tattoo You” entered the US charts, where it will stay for 30 weeks, including 9 weeks at the #1 spot. Read the full article at LOVE IT LOUD!

September 14, 1970: The Byrds released their ninth album, the eponymous album also known as "(Untitled)". The album, a continuation of the country-rock sound The Byrds had been working on since 1968, was a double album, with the first LP featuring live concert recordings from early 1970, and a second disc consisting of new studio […]

September 11, 1964: During their first tour of the US, The Beatles requested that the audience be desegregated at a concert they were playing at the Gator Bowl stadium in Jacksonville, Florida. John Lennon said, "We never play to segregated audiences and we aren't going to start now. I'd sooner lose our appearance money." Stadium […]

September 11, 1967: The Beach Boys released their 12th album, "Smiley Smile." Unlike previous Beach Boys albums, the majority of the recording sessions for "Smiley Smile" lasted for only six weeks at Brian Wilson's makeshift home studio, and featured only the group, and not session musicians. While it would peak at #9 on the UK […]

September 11, 1979: The Who finished up a two-night stand at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey at the start of a US tour, their first one without Keith Moon, who’d died the year before. Their new drummer was Kenny Jones, a former member of Small Faces and The Faces. Read the full article […]

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