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January 18, 1941: Remembering the late, great David Ruffin, vocalist for The Temptations on what would have been his 80th Birthday. Read the full article at LOVE IT LOUD!

FOO FIGHTERS have released the official music video for their latest single, “Waiting On A War”. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album, “Medicine At Midnight”, which will be released on February 5 via Roswell Records/RCA Records. The nine-song, 37-minute effort was produced by the FOO FIGHTERS and Greg Kurstin. If “Waiting On A War” seems to have an especially emotional heft […]

January 18,1985: Readers of USA Today voted in a nationwide poll that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum should be placed in Cleveland, Ohio. On May 5, 1986, the Hall of Fame Foundation would choose Cleveland as the Museum’s permanent home, which was opened on September 1, 1995. Read the full article […]

Read the full article at LOVE IT LOUD!

January 18, 1978: At the end of their US tour, Johnny Rotten announced that he had left the Sex Pistols. Rotten blamed the split on manager Malcolm McLaren and the band all go their separate ways; Steve Jones and Paul Cook would continue as the Sex Pistols for awhile before moving on to other projects. […]

January 15, 1966: “My Love” by Petula Clark entered the Billboard chart, where it would become her second #1 hit. Back home in the UK, it reached #4. Despite the success, Clark was later quoted as saying that she never liked the song and hadn’t wanted it released at all. Read the full article at […]

January 15, 1965: The Who released their debut single, “I Can’t Explain” in the UK. Their previous single, “Zoot Suit” had been released under their original name, The High Numbers. “I Can’t Explain” would peak at #8 on the UK charts; it would be much less successful in the US and only make it to […]

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