"…you can get anything you want…" On Aug. 24, 1969, Arlo Guthrie's film "Alice's Restaurant" premiered in New York City and Los Angeles. A true classic film for an entire generation. How much of the film do you remember and did you see it when it first came out? And…how many of you watch this […]

On Aug. 24, 1967, The Who played a concert in Flint, MI. They were staying at a local Holiday Inn. Keith Moon, drummer for The Who, had just turned 21 the day before, so they decided to have a birthday party for him. There are many different stories as to what happened at that party, […]

Another sad Rock and Roll story…. On July 24, 1972, the music world lost Bobby Ramirez who at one time was the drummer in Edgar Winter’s White Trash. At the time, Bobby was playing in the band LaCroix. They were on tour with Uriah Heep and they had just done a show in Chicago.. Ramirez, […]

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