11th January 1958, The release date for the Elvis Presley single 'Jailhouse Rock' was put back a week after Decca Records pressing plant in the UK were unable to meet the advance orders of 250,000 copies. Some of the characters named in the song are real people. Shifty Henry was a well-known LA musician, not […]

Finally! Motley Crue biopic The Dirt finally gets a release date Link to original article here

Normally if we say that something happened on a date back in 1948, it would be about someone being born. Not this time. On Oct. 28, 1948, Chuck Berry married Themetta 'Toddy' Suggs. They were still married when Chuck passed away on March 18th of last year. We are pretty sure this had to be […]

On Aug. 17, 1969, THE BAND played at Woodstock. One year later on the same date, they released their third LP “Stage Fright”. Engineered by an up-and-coming Todd Rundgren, and produced by the group themselves for the first time, the album was recorded at the Woodstock Playhouse in their home base of Woodstock, New York. […]

Possibily the best first date ever……. well it was kinda like a date… On June 6, 1962, The Beatles, having been rejected by Decca Records, auditioned for EMI, recording four demos. It was the first time the band ever recorded at Abbey Road Studios. They recorded three original compositions called “Love Me Do,” “Ask Me […]

We try to keep you up to date and or remind you of birthdays of Rockers etc. We also post about the passing of people form our lives. So for something totally different, we will do a post to celebrate life. Not really Rock and Roll, but a part of our lives, here is a […]

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