Less than two years since the release of “The Missing Peace” — the first L.A. GUNS album since 2002’s “Waking The Dead” to feature founding guitarist Tracii Guns and vocalist Phil Lewis — the group will issue a follow-up effort, “The Devil You Know”, on March 29 via Frontiers Music Srl. The official music video for “The Devil You Know” title track can be seen below. Sonically, “The Devil You […]

Yesterday, we mentioned that it was Nick Scelsi’s birthday. Here is an article that he wrote for CRRK 3 years ago: It was no mere coincidence that the Rolling Stones announced the departure of their founding member Brian Jones on the day following Blind Faith’s free concert for 150,000 fans in London’s Hyde Park. The […]

The Rolling Stones were in the studio recording the song “Sympathy For The Devil” on June 5, 1968, when they changed the lyrics due to the news they had just hears from America. The favorite for the Democratic party nomination for President, Sen. Robert Kennedy, had been shot just after midnight on June 5th, after […] The Devil Has All The Best Tunes | uDiscover The Devil has influenced some of the greatest musicians throughout the ages, from jazz and blues legends, to modern metal and hip-hop artists. Read it here

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