48 years ago today, it was easy to tell the 5th Beatle. It was an old white VW Bug, first registered on April 10th 1968, with the number plate LMW 28IF. It was the Volkswagen Beetle that was parked on the street when The Beatles were photographed for the cover of their “Abbey Road” album. […]

The movie “Easy Rider” was released 49 years ago today. Here is an article Nick Scelsi wrote for us a few years back. Really cool info on the movie: By Nick Scelsi: When Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda needed the perfect song to play over the closing credits of their landmark counterculture film Easy Rider, […]

Being on the road as an up and coming band in the early 70’s was never easy. Club owners / promoters were always looking for ways to screw the band. On April 30, 1970, The Allman Brothers Band had a problem: The following is an article that was written by David J. Krajicek and appeared […]

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