10 April 1967, Jim Morrison was dragged off stage by keyboardist Ray Manzarek during a Doors concert in Boston, after Morrison asked the audience, ‘Would you like to see my genitals?’. Theater management quickly switched off the power. Morrison had been arrested in Miami a year earlier for ‘lewd and lascivious behavior’ during a performance. […]

8 Dec 1943, born on this day, Jim Morrison singer and lyricist with The Doors who had the 1967 US No.1 single ‘Light My Fire’ and 1971 single ‘Riders On The Storm’. Due to his wild personality and performances,See More he is regarded by some people as one of the most iconic, charismatic and pioneering […]

14 July 1945, born on this day, Jim Gordon, American drummer, one of the most requested session drummers in the late 1960s and 1970s. Gordon co-wrote Layla with Eric Clapton, worked with The Everly Brothers, The Monkees, The Beach Boys, (George Harrison, (All Things Must Pass), John Lennon (Imagine), The Carpenters, Traffic, Glen Campbell, (Wichita […]

10 July 1984, Session drummer and former member of Derek and the Dominos, Jim Gordon, was sentenced to 16 years to life in prison after being found guilty of murdering his mother. It was after he was arrested that he was properly diagnosed with schizophrenia and, although at the trial the court accepted that Gordon […]

3 July 1971, American singer, songwriter and poet, Jim Morrison of The Doors was found dead in a bathtub in Paris, France, the cause of death was given as a heart attack. He co-wrote some of the group's biggest hits, including ‘Light My Fire’, ‘Love Me Two Times’, and ‘Love Her Madly.’ On the 25th […]

THE DOORS’ JIM MORRISON Didn’t Have An Autopsy. What Happened? https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/the-doors-jim-morrison-didnt-have-an-autopsy-what-happened/ THE DOORS’ JIM MORRISON Didn’t Have An Autopsy. What Happened? Next week's episode of the acclaimed celebrity docuseries "Final 24" will focus on THE DOORS frontman Jim Morrison. Whether you call him Jim Morrison or The Lizard King, you know him as a rock […]

3 June 1983, US session drummer Jim Gordon, murdered his mother by pounding her head with a hammer. A diagnosed schizophrenic, it was not until his trial in 1984 that he was properly diagnosed. Due to the fact that his attorney was unable to use the insanity defense, Gordon was sentenced to sixteen years-to-life in […]

BlabberMouth reports: JIM ROOT: ‘In Some Ways, SLIPKNOT Has Become A Culture’ https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/jim-root-in-some-ways-slipknot-has-become-a-culture/ JIM ROOT: ‘In Some Ways, SLIPKNOT Has Become A Culture’ In a brand new interview with France's Heavy1, SLIPKNOT guitarist Jim Root was asked if he and his bandmates are more optimistic about the group's future now than they have been at […]

BlabberMouth reports: SLIPKNOT’s JIM ROOT: ‘I Have Given My Entire Life To This Band’ https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/slipknots-jim-root-i-have-given-my-entire-life-to-this-band/ SLIPKNOT’s JIM ROOT: ‘I Have Given My Entire Life To This Band’ In a brand new interview with Dave Hanratty of Ireland's Joe, SLIPKNOT guitarist Jim Root reflected on his 2016 disc replacement surgery which he underwent just as the […]

11th Nov 1969, The FBI in Phoenix, Arizona arrested Jim Morrison for drunk and disorderly conduct aboard a plane. The Doors singer who was on his way to a Rolling Stones concert with actor Tom Baker had been drinking and annoying the stewardesses. The pair spent the night in jail and were released on $2,500 […]

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