Time to wallow deliriously in our Tracks Of The Week, which feature Thunder, The Pineapple Thief, Wheel, Hercules, Le Butcherettes, Girish And The Chronicles, Last In Line and Snakewater. Click through to listen and vote. Tracks of the Week: new music and videos from Thunder, Last In Line and more… Link to original article here

We are pretty sure that all of you musicians have heard the line “It will be good exposure for the band” when being asked to play for free. Sometimes, it can work. On July 4 & 5, 1969, the first Atlanta Pop Festival was held. A band that was having a hard time getting record […]

We think that it would not be out of line to say that Rock and Roll would sound a little different if it weren’t for Willie Dixon. If Willie were still with us, he would have been celebrating his 103rd birthday today. Willie was a Grammy Award winner who was proficient on both the upright […]

18th April 2006, A line from U2’s 1992 hit ‘One’ was voted the UK’s favourite song lyric after in a poll of 13,000 people by music channel VH1. The line “One life, with each other, sisters, brothers” came top. The Smiths lyric “So you go, and you stand on your own, and you leave on […]

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