In 1967, The Buckinghams were named the most listened to band in the US by Billboard magazine. They had had a string of hit records including "Kind of a Drag", "Hey Baby (They're Playing Our Song)", "Susan", "Don't You Care" and "Mercy Mercy Mercy". The lead vocalist for The Bucs, and in our humble opinion […]

In the song "Soul Man" by Sam && Dave, many people hear the words "I was educated at Woodstock". Nope. The song was released on Sept. 4, 1967, just about 2 years before the Woodstock festival, so it would make no sense for those words to be part of the lyrics. The actual lyrics for […]

2nd Sept 2013, Sir Elton John won the first ever Brits Icon award, in a gala concert which marked his stage return after surgery for appendicitis. Elton was presented with the prize by his friend, singer Rod Stewart, who described him as "the second-best rock singer ever". The Icon prize had been created by the […]

How many of you have been to a concert where they have said ‘no photos or video recording’ and did it anyway? There are some artists who have no problem with you taking pics, but some do have a problem with it. Sir Paul McCartney did a benefit concert the other night at the Cavern […]

Not really Rock and Roll, but a part of our lives….. History was made 49 years ago today. Did you watch? Or are you one of those who think it didn’t happen as we were told? Apollo 11 lands the first man on the moon in 1969 The United States succeeds in having the […]

“Geezer” is a slang term for a man. It can carry either the connotation of age and eccentricity in the UK. In the US the term typically refers to a cranky old man. Originated in an area of Essex, Basildon. With that being said….. Terence Michael Joseph Butler is celebrating his 69th birthday today. You […]

A wise man once said “All things must pass”. From June 27 thru the 29th in 1969, the Denver Pop Festival was held in Denver’s Mile High Stadium. On Sunday the 29th, the headlining act was The Jimi Hendrix Experience. From the stage, Jimi Hendrix made the infamous announcement: “This is the last gig we’ll […]

If we were to ask the question, who do you think the most important man in the history of popular music was, we know we would get a wide variety of answers. If we asked you to name your top 10 most important, we can only imagine….. We are pretty sure many of you would […]

9th June 1964, During an evening session Bob Dylan recorded Mr. Tambourine Man at Columbia Recording Studios in New York City. This was the first session for the Another Side Of Bob Dylan, which saw Dylan recording fourteen original compositions that night. The Byrds later recorded a version of Mr. Tambourine Man that was released […]

2nd May 1972, Bruce Springsteen auditioned for CBS Records A&R man John Hammond in New York. Springsteen played a short set for him in his office; Hammond was so impressed that he arranged a real audition that night at the Gaslight Club in New York for other Columbia executives. Bruce passed the audition. We are […]

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