A couple of days ago, on May 11th we did a post regarding the 48th anniversary of the release of the soundtrack LP from the movie of the Woodstock Festival. Just so you know, this is a picture of Nick and Bobbi Ercoline. They were / are the couple on the cover of the Woodstock […]

This post will fall under Rock and Roll history and Gear Porn. We know that all of our guitarist / musician friends will know what a “Fuzz Box” is. For this of you who don’t, a “Fuzz Box” is a device that goes between and electric guitar and an amplifier. It gives a distorted sound […]

This isn’t a Beatles ’50 years ago today’ post. This is a Beatles ’60 years ago today’ post…. And then there were 3. The Quarrymen performed at the Wilson Hall in the Garston section of Liverpool, England on Feb. 8, 1958. After the show. Quarrymen member Paul McCartney introduces his friend George Harrison to John […]

On Jan. 23, we did a post remembering Chicago’s Terry Kath. Terry died just 8 days before his 32nd birthday, Jan. 31. If Terry was still with us, he would have turned 72 years old today. Here is part of what we wrote 8 days ago: “When Jimi Hendrix saw him play he said “The […]

The picture on this post is of part of the handbill from the Fillmore East from Jan. 24 & 25, 1969. Very basic. It was however, the very first time that Jethro Tull played in the US. Nice bill for the whole show, 49 years ago tonight. Do you remember the first time you saw […]

If we name two movies, you will know where this post is heading: Animal House and The Blues Brothers. Every generation has a couple of comedians who leave a permanent mark on its members. John Belushi was one of those comedians. If John were still with us, he would have turned 69 years old today. […]

A couple of things in this post. 1. Yes we are getting older, but does it matter? 2. American Bandstand wasn’t the only TV / Rock / Dance show way back when. 3. This show is from Feb, 1958. If we figure these kids that are dancing on the show are about 16 years old, […]

Here is another 50 years ago today post. This is a sad one. On Dec.10, 1967, Otis Redding and The Bar-Kays were scheduled to play a concert at The Factory in Madison. They never made it to the show. That day, Otis, four members of The Bar-Kays, his manager and his pilot were killed as […]

There are times we post something and we hear from a number of people things like “What does this have to do with Rock and Roll?” We do it because sometimes it’s about the influences that a person or a record has had on Rock musicians. Here’s an example for today. Jaco Pastorius would have […]

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