If we were to ask the question, who do you think the most important man in the history of popular music was, we know we would get a wide variety of answers. If we asked you to name your top 10 most important, we can only imagineā€¦.. We are pretty sure many of you would […]

Today, Pat Travers has 64 candles on his birthday cake. Here is a question we have to ask as we know it will be on everybody’s mind. Before he blows out the candles on the cake, will he say “Boom Boom”? You have a favorite song by today’s birthday boy? Happy Birthday Pat!! Read It […]

There is no question that it changed over the past 50 years. On Nov. 9, 1967, the very first issue of Rolling Stone was issued. The first issue featured a picture of John Lennon on its cover. There are many who feel that the critics who have wrote album reviews for the magazine were out […]

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