27th April 1957, In a rare appearance outside the United States, Elvis Presley performed at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada where he wore his full gold lame suit for the last time. Article source: https://www.facebook.com/19706525166/posts/10161510337320167

When legends collideā€¦.. On June 23, 1977, Led Zeppelin was playing a concert in Los Angeles. During the show, The Who’s drummer Keith Moon joined LZ onstage ‘dual drummer’ version of LZ songs “Rock And Roll” and “Moby Dick.” Moon didn’t have a drum set, he uses Bonham’s tympani drums. It would have been a […]

On May 25, 1970, Ray Davies had to briefly leave The Kinks North American tour to fly back to London to re-record the vocal track of their new single, “Lola.” The original version had the words “Coca-Cola” in it and the BBC decided they would not play the record as they considered it a commercial. […]

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