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Some things can only happen once. Maybe it is when the stars, planets and moons align….. On July 25, 1999, the 30th Anniversary of Woodstock Festival ended. It wasn’t the same as the original or even the 25th Anniversary. The 30th Anniversary festival had riots, fires, looting, three rapes, and other crimes, including three accidental […] Dead Rock Stars on acast Dead Rock Stars is a new, enlightening yet wholly amusing podcast presented by former Classic Rock editor and star Kerrang! writer Mick Wall and Metal Hammer and tQ regular Joel McIver. Between them, these two rock writers have written over fifty books on music and contributed to dozens of […]

Thank goodness some stars stayed just music stars. On May 13, 1977, Linda Ronstadt (indirectly) declined an offer placed in Hustler magazine, promising a million dollars to any of ten female celebrities (including Ronstadt) willing to pose for a nude photo shoot. Yes, it would have sold a gazillion magazines, but it was not what […]

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