29th June 1985, David Bowie and Mick Jagger recorded a version of the Martha Reeves and the Vandellas 1964 hit 'Dancing In The Street.' for the forthcoming Live Aid fundraising event. The single went on to become a No.1 UK hit. The original plan was to perform a track together live, with Bowie performing at […]

Freddie Mercury: a life much less ordinary. Freddie Mercury: the life and times of rock’s most outrageous star Link to original article here

Today in 1975, Tommy Bolin released the classic Teaser. Marching Powder: The High Times And Fast Life Of Tommy Bolin Link to original article here

23rd Oct 1963, Bob Dylan recorded 'The Times They Are A-Changin' at Columbia Recording Studios in New York City. Dylan wrote the song as a deliberate attempt to create an anthem of change for the time, influenced by Irish and Scottish ballads. In January 1984, a young Steve Jobs would recite the second verse of […]

Led Zeppelin released their first single "Good Times Bad Times" with the B-side "Communication Breakdown" in the US on March 10th of 1969. They went on to release a total of 13 singles in the US. But, the band refused to release singles in the UK until Sept. 8th of 1997 when they finally released […]

You ever have one of those times where you wanted a drink but didn’t want to drink alone? On April 28, 1987, Ozzy Osbourne did. While flying from Miami to Boston, he bought three rounds of drinks for everyone on the plane and sang “Crazy Train” over the PA system. We want to fly with […]

It’s a story that has been told a million times. But not all of the stories have this kind of an outcome. On May 4, 1964, two musicians in Birmingham, England decided to start an R & B group. The musicians were Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder. They liked Duke Ellington’s song “Mood Indigo” so […]

How the times have changed. Big time Rock and Roll tours weren’t always quite as “big”. The picture below shows the semis used for U2’s 360 tour in 2009. It was a major tour for the time. Why do we mention this….. In 1958, Buddy Holly was doing a major tour for the time. On […]

31st March 1987, Prince released his ninth studio album Sign o’ the Times. Sign o’ the Times produced three top-ten hit singles, ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’, ‘U Got the Look’, (with Sheena Easton) and the title track ‘Sign o’ the Times. In 1989, Time Out magazine ranked it as the greatest album of all […]

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