Did you ever see Prince live? We are working on a new book – Prince – The Day I Was There and would love to hear from any fans that would like to share their stories and be included in the book which will be published early next year. We would love to hear from […]

Did you ever see Black Sabbath? We are working on our next book – Black Sabbath – The Day I Was There. If you have a good story which you would like to share in the book of seeing Sabbath or Ozzy in concert then please send it to Article source:

We are working on a new book with Rick Buckler. The Jam – The Day I Was There which is set to be published in December 2019 and we would like to hear from you. The book will tell the story of The Jam in the words of over 400 fans, with memories from the […]

By June of 1962, The Beatles manager, Brian Epstein was working hard to get the band more exposure by having them open for more established acts. On June 21 of that year, Brian arranged to have the lads open for Bruce Channel of “Hey! Baby!” fame at the Tower Ballroom, in New Brighton, England. Backstage, […]

Have you ever seen Bruce Springsteen live in concert? We are working on our next book – Bruce Springsteen – I Was There and we are looking for fans memories and stories from seeing him live. If you did, leave your comments here or please email We need as much info and a story […]

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