Sunday Classics Brunch

St. Louis rock from the heyday of local rock radio!

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Sunday 10:00 am 1:59 pm

The Sunday Classics Brunch Radio Show

The Sunday Classics Brunch is absolutely modeled after a long running classic rock show on a local radio station. I don't think we can legally say the name but everyone here knows who. And no, we aren't really trying to replace them but do something of a similar nature but slightly different content and format. And we don't start super early on Sunday morning fully believing most people who can like to sleep in a little late.

The unique thing about the show is we also play every single one of these tracks in normal rotation and can be requested by listeners at any time so many shows utilize the data from listener requests of songs deemed as Megarock Classics. So really instead of playing music that you won't hear the rest of the week .. we are only excluding music newer than the mid 80's. And each week we try to mix it up in a way that includes some hits, some rarely played tracks and some that haven't received radio airplay in years.

It's wrapped in a four hour commercial free block and recorded as a podcast for later download as well. There is however no script to this show. It is not planned in advance in any way. And we are almost always live missing only a few weekends in the past two years. No suits. No corporations. No program director. Just music fans who still wonder what happened to radio like this. We kick open the mic at 10 am and we let whatever happens, happen. Most of the time it turns out pretty good. :)

Miss the show? Catch the podcast!
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