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Crank up the drums, crank out the bass
Crank up my Les Paul in your face, yeah – Sammy Hagar, “Turn Up The Music”

Since the very first day, even before we had a name we had a reason. The reason was the music and being able to share good music with the world using a brand new technology – something called the internet – back when many were still listening to the bleeps and bloops of dialup modems and the early days of ‘high speed’ internet was just beginning. And by this point most broadcast radio stations had since long ago been taken over by huge corporations and were being run by suits halfway across the country if not halfway around the world. Since the cost of starting a new broadcast station are pretty high and the lack of frequencies to even consider applying for those things were always out of reach. At the same time internet technology was quickly evolving and the first piece was something capable of playing an audio stream LIVE to multiple people at the same time. Up to this point you could record something and upload it and others could download it.. but not an actual live broadcast. 

Let there be light, sound, drums, guitarOh, let there be rock! – AC/DC, ‘Let There Be Rock’

Since that time in the mid 90’s things advanced fast and even now I only remember some of the software and places.. RealAudio Beta, Live365, Shoutcast, Icecast, SAM Broadcaster… because to this day we still use quite a few programs that also came to be in those days. The Internet Archive still has old captures of some of our original websites from back in the day too. And while our technology, websites, audio quality and all the things tied to it have advanced along with technology even the first website showed what has not – this is a radio station designed to give the audience the maximum amount of input on a level few other radio stations you will come across do. 

No, but nobody listens to everythin’ you say
You want the business, you have it your own way
But you know who I am, whadda you want from me? – Billy Squier, Whadda Want From Me

What makes Megarock Radio unique above virtually any other station on the planet is why a song plays. While we curated a large and ever growing library of rock music covering just about every genre across six decades of rock.. it takes a listener request to make those songs play. And since the early days we have maintained a database of every single requested song that played which is the same database the station plays when there are no live requests in the queue. Most of the time however the songs you hear are being requested live as you listen by other listeners and are played typically in the order we get them. And not just one song.. what station allows you to request a whole block of tunes at any time day or night? And each and every one of those requests.. you guessed it.. right in the same database. Every single request made from 1998 through today makes some difference in the rotation of the station for years to come.

I taught myself to tune in to another persons wavelength, figure out what they were looking for, and try to project that thing back at them. – Wolfman Jack

In the end since the very first day and is true to this day – this is a tribute to the radio stations I grew up on as a kid that introduced me to all this music and back in the days when radio stations served the listeners. Had the big corporations not come along and the stations continued along as they were this is what I imagine they would sound like. Most no longer do and that’s why we are still here. 

Until I realized that rock music was my connection to the rest of the human race, I felt like I was dying, for some reason, and I didn’t know why. – Bruce Springsteen

We are Megarock Radio. We are not a FM station but you can find us on the airwaves. We do not have a location as we are worldwide. We do not have a defined format other than ‘rock music’. We can’t tell you what will play next unless someone has requested it. We don’t have corporate owners, suits, commercials or anything else. But we do have over 40,000 tracks that you can pick from and with the click of a button tell us to play that for you. And we will. 

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Most major streamers use outsiders to rely on for their stream operations. We operate our own streaming network and servers at the following datacenter providers. |


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