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Watch COREY TAYLOR And SHAWN CRAHAN’s Sons Perform SLIPKNOT Covers With Their Band Read The Article

One of the true greats of Rock and Roll, Roy Orbison would have turned 82 years old today. Roy started out just wanting to be a songwriter. He had a hard time finding people to sing his songs so he decided to record them himself. Smart move Roy. Do you have a certain song he […]

METALLICA’s ‘All Within My Hands’ Foundation Announces First Day Of Service Read The Article

23rd April 1971, The Rolling Stones released their classic album Sticky Fingers in the UK. The band’s first release on their own label via Atlantic Records, the cover was designed by Andy Warhol, who was paid $15,000 for his efforts. The LP sleeve featured a close-up of a pair of jeans with a working zip. […]

The Rolling Stones released what many say was their finest LP, “Sticky Fingers” on April 23, 1971. It was their ninth British and 11th American studio album. It was the band’s first album of the 1970s and its first release on the band’s newly formed label, Rolling Stones Records. It is also Mick Taylor’s first […]

STYX’s TOMMY SHAW Rules Out Reunion With DENNIS DEYOUNG: ‘Personality-Wise, I Want To Be Happy’ Read The Article

On April 23, 1976, punk decided it was here to stay. It was on that day that The Ramones released their self titled LP “The Ramones”. After Hit Parader editor Lisa Robinson saw the band at a gig in New York City, she wrote about them in an article and contacted Danny Fields, insisting he […]

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE’s JESSE LEACH Talks ‘Badass’ Collaboration With HOWARD JONES Read The Article

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Films Music Video For New Song ‘Sham Pain’ Read The Article

23rd April 1936, Born on this day, American singer-songwriter Roy Orbison “the Big O” who had a 1964 UK & US No.1 single with ‘Pretty Woman’ plus over 20 US & 30 UK Top 40 singles including ‘Only the Lonely’ (1960), ‘Running Scared’ (1961) and ‘Crying’. With the Traveling Wilburys he had a 1988 UK […]

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