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THIS WEEKS SHOW IS ALL NEW🤘🤘 On this weeks show the guys welcome former Tesla Guitarist Tommy Skeoch to the revival. The guys talk to Tommy about his latest band Resist & Bite, the current album, and bringing the new music to the people. RMR can be heard on these great affiliates: 105.9 The Hog […]

During a new interview with Jorge Botas of Portugal’s “Metal Global”, SCORPIONS singer Klaus Meine assured fans that there is no more talk of retirement, as there was back in 2010 with what was purported to be a final album and a farewell tour that never quite took hold. “No, we scratched that word [retirement] out of our [vocabulary],” he said (as […]

Fan-filmed video of Ace Frehley‘s April 29 performance at The Historic Everett Theatre in Everett, Washington can be seen below. Last November, Ace said that he had collaborated with his longtime friend Peppy Castro on “some heavy songs.” Peppy reportedly taught Frehley how to play guitar and previously collaborated with KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons as a songwriter and performed on Frehley‘s and KISS frontman Paul Stanley‘s solo records. In December 2020, Frehley told Talking […]

Alice Cooper, Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST) and Scott Stapp (CREED) are among the artists who performed on April 30 at CoopStock 2 on at Las Sendas Golf Club in Mesa, Arizona. The evening’s festivities comprised a silent auction, food trucks, and live celebrity entertainment, including appearances by Larry The Cable Guy, Ed Roland of COLLECTIVE SOUL, Mike Mills of R.E.M., Danny Seraphine of CHICAGO, the comedy and music of Gary Mule Deer, SIXWIRE and Adrian […]

SCORPIONS performed a historic concert last night (Friday, May 6) at Madison Square Garden in New York City to celebrate Bangladesh’s 50 years of independence. The Golden Jubilee Bangladesh Concert featured as special guests one of Bangladesh’s most prominent artists, CHIRKUTT. Fan-filmed video of the SCORPIONS show can be seen below. The Bangladesh Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division […]

THIS WEEKS SHOW IS ALL NEW🤘🤘 On this weeks show the guys welcome Nazerath Founding member bassist Pete Agnew to the revival. The guys talk to Pete about the new Nazerath album “Surving the Law”, 50 years of Nazerath, and the longevity of the band. RMR can be heard on these great affiliates: 105.9 The […]

Kevin Cronin is celebrating 50 years of ridin’ the storm out with REO Speedwagon this year — an anniversary the frontman tells UCR crept up on him. “That was an anniversary that didn’t even cross my radar screen,” Cronin says. “It didn’t dawn on me ’til we played some shows earlier in the year and that came […]

Former DIO and DIO DISCIPLES guitarist Craig Goldy has weighed in on the way Vivian Campbell was fired from DIO, saying that Vivian must have done something “pretty insulting” to get himself kicked out of Ronnie James Dio‘s band. Ronnie, Vivian, drummer Vinny Appice and bassist Jimmy Bain collaborated on the first three DIO albums — 1983’s “Holy Diver”, 1984’s “The Last In Line” and 1985’s “Sacred Heart” — before Irishman Campbell left to join WHITESNAKE in 1987. Vivian later publicly took issue with Ronnie‘s need […]

Joe Satriani, who was drafted into DEEP PURPLE to complete Japanese dates in December 1993, and stayed on for a European summer tour in 1994 following the abrupt departure of founder Ritchie Blackmore, spoke to about his decision to decline a permanent position in the band. He explained: “I took my cue from those players that were laying the […]

THIS WEEKS SHOW IS ALL NEW🤘🤘 On this weeks show the guys welcome MSG/Rainbow/Lord’s of Black lead vocalist Ronnie Romero to the revival. Jerry talks to Ronnie about his new album “Raised on Radio”, touring with Schenker, and what the future holds for him. RMR can be heard on these great affiliates: 105.9 The Hog […]

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