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THIS WEEKS SHOW IS ALL NEW 🤘🤘 On this weeks RMR the guys welcome Dirty Hon e y lead vocalist Mark Labelle. Red asks Mark about the success of of their EP, whats going on during the pandemic, and what are the plans for the rest of the year. Here is the latest Affiliate list […]

THIS WEEKS SHOW IS ALL NEW 🤘🤘 On this weeks RMR the guys are saluting Live Music! With all live music put on hold. Red & Jerry pick out some of their favorite "Live" cuts of all-time. Plus our crack staff has arranged the music to go along with your fireworks displays!! Here is the […]

THIS WEEKS SHOW IS ALL NEW 🤘🤘 On this weeks RMR the guys welcome Autograph founding member an Bassist Randy Rand to the Revival. RED talks to Randy about the new single, The heavier sound, and the possibility of a new album and tour. Here is the latest Affiliate list and times for Rockin Metal […]

MEGADETH bassist spoke to Sydney Taylor of the “Metal From The Inside” podcast about the progress of the songwriting and recording sessions for the band’s follow-up to 2016’s “Dystopia” album. He said (hear audio below): “It’s been long [laughs] — it’s been a long process. It’s interesting that in hindsight, it’s all part of the story. And an album is just that […]

THIS WEEKS SHOW IS ALL NEW 🤘🤘 On this weeks RMR the guys welcome drummer Carl Canedy of the band Canedy. Jerry talks to carl about his new band Canedy, his days of producing acts like Anthrax, and his time in the band The Rods! WE ARE BACK WITH A NEW SHOW!!! Here is the […]

THIS WEEKS SHOW IS ALL NEW 🤘🤘 On this weeks RMR the guys welcome Vandenberg lead Guitarist Adrian Vandenberg to the revival! Red talks to Adrian about the latest Vandenberg release 2020, bringing back the Vandenberg Band name after all this time, and his plans on touring when the world opens back up. WE ARE […]

KANSAS, America’s legendary progressive rock band, has released another the official music video for its song “Jets Overhead”, taken from the group’s highly anticipated new studio album “The Absence Of Presence”, due out June 26 through InsideOut Music. “‘Jets Overhead’ has become one of my favorite songs on the album, says KANSAS guitarist Zak Rizvi, who wrote the music for the track. […]

PEARL JAM has released an uncensored version of its Mark Pellington-directed “Jeremy” video. The song, from the group’s 1991 album “Ten”, describes an unpopular boy who brings a gun into his classroom and starts shooting people. It is based on the real-life suicide of high school student Jeremy Wade Delle, who shot himself in front of his classmates in January 1991. […]

Legendary guitarist Steve Vai has released a new song called “Candle Power”. Earlier today, Vai posted a video of him performing the track via his social media, and he included the following message: “Hey Folks, Vai here. I wanted to challenge myself for my 60th birthday and decided to record a simple trio track. I gave myself some parameters to work within. […]

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH has released the second official video from its new album, “F8”, for the track “A Little Bit Off”, which is now Top 5 at Active Rock radio. The clip was shot during lockdown in a deserted car-free Las Vegas where singer Ivan Moody is the only soul on a sidewalk usually crowded with people. Having conceptualized […]

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