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Megarock Radio is not a FM radio station. We are a worldwide online radio station that streams to a worldwide audience.

The station and format are directly connected to the radio station KSHE-95 in St. Louis however not the current corporate radio station – but the KSHE that existed from it’s birth to the early 80’s and the overall format of the station. The music however spans the entire history of the station up to and including today.

The difference is no corporation. We are not owned and operated by a big corporate conglomerate. The program director is not in another state with no idea of the local tastes. There is no physical radio studio either – as we are online we can broadcast from anywhere and at times the stream may be originating from anywhere in the world however it is directed mainly to the St. Louis audience and the to the world.

The other HUGE difference is that when I listen to our local station – basically the ‘best’ rock station in town I hear one distinct thing. Where is the new rock? Many bands have put out extremely good music but it seems if a band was big in the 80’s that’s the only music you will ever hear. When Metallica’s new album 72 Seasons came out they played two songs from it for a few weeks. Since? It likely never gets played again. And this applies across the board to all bands.. we have these few songs and that’s all you may ever hear from these bands. WTF. We have as part of our available playlist over 40,000 tracks most from entire albums. This means you will hear what radio played in the day.. but you will also hear tracks that have NEVER played on the radio. Want to request track 5 from side 2 of Back In Black? You can do it!

The format of the station is simply ‘rock’. We do not define ourselves as a heavy metal only station, or a classic rock only station – or an anything only station. You are just as likely to hear Jimi Hendrix and late 60’s Pink Floyd as you are Metalliica and Megadeth. We do not limit the station to any particular format and with a large library of music that covers ALL forms of rock you will hear way more hits and way more classics than any FM station out there much less most satellite and internet radio stations. When we say we never know what will play next it’s true.

This is rock music without limits in a very low talk format and the best part of all.. we don’t program the station. YOU DO. The station since day one has been programmed by the listeners through our online request system and when we don’t have LIVE requests the station rotates through music picked through requests in the past. Does your station even take requests anymore?

So when this station began.. and continues to be true to this day – when I dreamed of what radio would sound like in the future back in the mid 80’s it sounded like this. This is the way radio should have always been. Corporations don’t want it that way. Thankfully, we aren’t a corporation. We are just music fans like you who love this music too and if the big radio stations want to ignore this stuff that’s fine. We won’t.

Datacenter Providers

Most major streamers use outsiders to rely on for their stream operations. We operate our own streaming network and servers at the following datacenter providers. |


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