How To Listen

If you are new or having trouble listening to the radio station these are the best methods to do so and as we discover new ways we will post them here.

The easiest of all is to use our station player as it works on pretty much any device that can display a web page and play sound. That’s as foolproof as it gets and it has the most updated list of server connections (the gear in the upper right hand corner). You can choose a server near you or the player will randomly connect you to one. Simple and easy!

If you have your own preferred player generally you only need the link – commonly called the URL – to the audio feed. Our website player can generate a playlist file for most external players and browsers and is the preferred method to launch your player again because it will ALWAYS have the most updated link list. But if you prefer to go the manual route enter the following into your player:

This is the main station feed and will randomly connect you to one of six different servers and is accessible through most firewalls and filtering systems. You can also access the link directly in any modern web browser including most mobile phones for a direct no frills audio feed direct to your device.

If you are on a metered or low bandwidth internet connection you can use our standard definition feed at this link:

If you still need help just give us a shout!

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