How To Listen To Megarock?


Megarock Radio is available worldwide through the internet either using one of many available devices, our own web based player or a direct feed link. NO APP INSTALLTION IS NECESSARY TO LISTEN TO MEGAROCK RADIO as our web based player works on any device capable of loading a website and playing sound.


The most recommended way to connect to our radio station is to use a direct link or the provided web based players. The following methods are the best to use as they allow our end to do the hard work in finding an open slot on one of the stream servers and allows redirection quickly for us if a part of our network fails or has issues. We call this high availability as they generally almost always work. 

Many listeners utilize their own choice in streaming players. For most part those players only require basic information to connect to our streaming network. Generally we recommend using the following in your players:

If required, use the port number as well like so:

And if you need a non SSL (https) connection use:


Right now the most popular player that we know of which is available on most devices is the TuneIn radio app which has apps for phones, smart TV’s, game consoles, Roku, etc and seems to be the most popular player we see connecting to us.

You can use this direct link to listen and favorite our station there:

When using the app on voice devices like Alexa, Echo Dot, etc., you can also open ‘Megarock Radio Saint Louis’.

We are also available on the following platforms:



GetMe Radio: We removed our station from this service as they begin charging broadcasters to list there



Vox Player:

Icecast Directory:

Shoutcast Directory:

Live Online Radio:


Datacenter Providers

Most major streamers use outsiders to rely on for their stream operations. We operate our own streaming network and servers at the following datacenter providers. |


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